Personal Printing is so easy to set up



IT installs the software on the server, and sticks QR code on printers.

Starting print job


User initiates the print job. This can be viewed, and if required, deleted in the JobViewer.

iphone with barcode


User scans the QR code on the printer via the Personal Printing app installed on the smartphone.



Finished – the required printout is delivered into the user's hands.

The cost-cutting print solution for any organization

Maximized Print Savings, Minimized Effort

Personal Printing enables companies to get their printing costs under control. Thanks to pull printing, employees decide which printouts to start at the printer and can delete unnecessary print jobs. Uncollected printouts blocking paper trays are no longer an issue, toner and paper are saved – and all without additional hardware even required.


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Maximized Print Savings

New in 3.0


  • Convenient management of print jobs on Android devices

  • Mobile authentication with iOS devices

  • Enhanced JobViewer for displaying print jobs

  • Windows Server 2012 support

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Maximized Print Savings, Minimized Effort

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